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Course Description:
This course provides a review and recent updates of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards as they apply to the safe practice of dentistry/dental hygiene. These standards are enforced by the US. Department of Labor under the mandate of the Federal OSH Act of 1970. Completion of this course will satisfy OSHA’s annual continuing education requirement.
After completion of this course, the participants will:
Become re-acquainted with the mission and history of OSHA
Gain increase awareness of the four most commonly identified hazards for dental health providers
Identify the various agencies which support and provide resources to OSHA and profession of dentistry
Identify the most frequently cited OSHA standards for dental offices and clinics
Describe three effective methods to monitor sterilization in the dental office
Learn the recent legal revisions in the OSHA law related to the Hazard Communication Standard
Describe the purpose of the Global Harmonizing System
Become empowered with knowledge about their rights in occupational safety ([29 U.S.C. 660(c)]
Understand the importance to comply with all aspects of OSHA law, including documenting injuries and reporting violations.

Accompanying Course Resources:
PowerPoint Presentation
Participant Assessment
Course/Presentation Evaluation


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With over 35 years of dental experience, Adela Mills brings a wealth of insight and knowledge to the table in her role of Founder and Lead Dental Hygiene Coach with Elite Dental Hygiene™. Her super networking abilities and people skills have gained her a reputation as a trusted ally and valued resource to the dental practices she serves. Adela has expanded her dental clinical skills with her experience as a Certified Dental Assistant, Certified Registered Dental Hygienist, Dental Insurance Provider Relations Manager, Dental Office Administrator, Dental Educator, and Program Director.
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