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This course assists the dental health provider and any healthcare workers and auxiliaries in understanding domestic violence as it pertains to the practice of dentistry and dental hygiene. This course identifies dental injuries indicative of domestic violence, mandatory reporting, and patient records confidentiality for dentists under Florida and federal law, and incidence statistics in the dental profession. It concludes with strategies to use in identifying and managing victims of domestic violence. This is a State of Florida Board of Dentistry-approved course for the required two (2) continuing education on domestic violence as defined in Section 741.28, F.S., and described in Rule 64B5-12.013, 64B5-12.019, F.A.C. As such, completers of this course will satisfy the requirement as part of every third biennial licensure renewal. A course comprehension assessment with a score of seventy percent or better and a presentation survey are needed to earn continuing education. A certificate of completion will be provided to each participant after successfully completing this course.

After completing this course, the participant will be able to describe and understand:
➢ Background and definition
➢ National, state, and local statistics about domestic violence
➢ Abuse dynamics: A vicious cycle
➢ Power and Control
➢ Beyond physical injury
➢ The dental professional advocate: victim vs survivor
➢ Our legal vs our moral duty
➢ Identifying and assessing domestic violence and injuries
➢ Survivor Assistance Programs
➢ Domestic Violence and the Law
➢ Get involved and make a difference


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With over 35 years of dental experience, Adela Mills brings a wealth of insight and knowledge to the table in her role of Founder and Lead Dental Hygiene Coach with Elite Dental Hygiene™. Her super networking abilities and people skills have gained her a reputation as a trusted ally and valued resource to the dental practices she serves. Adela has expanded her dental clinical skills with her experience as a Certified Dental Assistant, Certified Registered Dental Hygienist, Dental Insurance Provider Relations Manager, Dental Office Administrator, Dental Educator, and Program Director.
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