December 17, 2016 Adela

Welcome to our Elite Dental Hygiene Cyber Nook!

Elite Dental Hygiene, (EDH) is a meeting point for the entire dental team who aspire to be the cream of the crop. With that in mind, we have programs, services, and coaches who ARE the cream of the crop and who are able to mentor any dental practice to elevating their quality of care while maximizing profitability. The notion of being profitable at the expense of cutting corners on quality is unsustainable when you partner with EDH. This website is a great resource for all our prospective and existing clients.  Our experienced coaches are ecstatic to the thought of working with and for you and your team.  We are committed to excellence and are results driven.

Who could benefit from EDH’s Innovative and Experienced Coaching skills? If any dental practice owner/dentist in South Florida is:

  • Unaware of your areas of strength
  • Unaware of your practice’s need for improvement
  • Wasting valuable time with empty chairs dealing with now shows, and last minute cancellations
  • Feeling you are “stuck in mud” by not showing tangible growth within your practice, OR

If your practice is experiencing:

  • Dental Hygiene Department’s stagnation
  •  No Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy protocol in place
  • Recare Effectiveness percentage is low
  • Periodontal Percentage is in single digits
  • Overall production is low
  • Collections are low
  • New Patient rate is low
  • You would like to establish a New Dental Hygiene Department

We cordially invite you to request your Complimentary Practice Analysis  (link, button, or popup here) so we can begin unleashing your practice’s potential!

This Cyber Nook will be providing helpful tips and updates for all to read and hopefully, implement into daily practice.  Once again, Welcome!

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With over 35 years of dental experience, Adela Mills brings a wealth of insight and knowledge to the table in her role of Founder and Lead Dental Hygiene Coach with Elite Dental Hygiene™. Her super networking abilities and people skills have gained her a reputation as a trusted ally and valued resource to the dental practices she serves. Adela has expanded her dental clinical skills with her experience as a Certified Dental Assistant, Certified Registered Dental Hygienist, Dental Insurance Provider Relations Manager, Dental Office Administrator, Dental Educator, and Program Director.

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